ZNPIC In Brief

ZNPIC in Brief


Zanjan Petrochemical Industries Company (later: Zanjan Agriculture and Fertilizer Industries Company - Public Stock) was established in 2007.

Dr. MohammadReza Modiri has been the CEO of this company since the winter of 2015.

The purpose of establishing the company was to set up a plant for the production of Urea fertilizer (under the license of Stamicarbon of Netherland with a capacity of 1072500 tons per year) and Ammonia (under the license of Casale of Switzerland with a capacity of 76 thousand tons per year) in the northwest of IRAN.

The investment volume is estimated at 600 million Euros.

This factory is under construction in Zanjan province (Ijroud city) and will create 3,000 direct and indirect jobs after operation.

The construction of an "Industrial Park" is also planned next to the Urea and Ammonia site.

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Tehran office: Unit No. 31, Building C1, No. 1, (Parc de Prince Complex), West ZayandehRoud St., North Shirazi St., Vanak Sq., Tehran, Iran.

Zip Code: 1991634374

Telefax: +98 21 88052832



Factory: 30th km of Bijar road, Zanjan, Iran

Zip Code: 4536155936

Tel: +98 24 36844001

Post Box: 45135 - 1673

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